Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Finally the Tuscany we know and love is showing it's sunshine face! The season here is behind 2 or 3 weeks so the flowers and vines are small but as the days warm you can see them getting ready to burst. I managed to find a couple of poppies that were courageous enough to come out in spite of the weather and unseasonal temperatures.
Fortunately the weather has not affected the wonderful flavors of the fruits, vegetables and the wild herbs we use. We have been able to pick Tabi which is a vine that grows wild and wraps itself around berry bushes. When blanched and sauteed with garlic is very green and a bit bitter, delicious on crostini.
One of the things I love about being here is the smell in the air. Now the acacia trees are in full bloom and the trees are fecund with luscious, sweet smelling flowers that I associate with honey. I made a frittata with the flowers and it was heavenly and aromatic. We don't waste a thing here in Toscana!