Saturday, May 14, 2011

Joye Moon in the spot light of sun during final critique
Our first workshop of the season wound to a close on Friday night.  The watercolor instructor, Joye Moon, held a constructive critique of the week’s work and then we all headed into the dining room for our “Last Supper”.  Andrea made a Tuscan ragu served over fresh gnocchi from his sister-in-law’s pasta shop near Siena.
The surprise of the evening was when Bob, a graduate of the US Navy Officers’ Training program of 1943, got up to serenade us with a Mozart round.  Linda and Michelino partnered him as you can hear in this video. By the way, Bob is a newlywed and was on his honeymoon with his college sweetheart. When they parted after college they each married and had children. They kept in contact via yearly Christmas cards and 3 years ago, after both of their spouses had passed away, they met again. They saw they had so much in common and the attraction that had once sparked their initial meeting was still there. They were married 3 weeks ago and were with us to celebrate their new life together. They became an inspiration to us all this week.
As for the painting, it was a prolific week. 
The group was off at 6am on Saturday morning for a few days in Rome before heading home.  We spent the day preparing for the next group of painters that arrived at 5 o’clock today.  The season is in full swing!