Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bologna the fecund!

We drove up from Tuscany to research 2 programs scheduled for October. There is so much to see and experience with all 5 senses here but the first must be the food. We headed to our favorite gelato place first thing. After the long drive from Siena we needed some fortification to get us through the rest of the day. 
They call Bologna "La Grassa" The Fat and no wonder. We are in a food coma after tonight's dinner. We began with the most popular item in Bologna.... Mortadella aka Baloney...Bologna.
We moved on to the best plates of Italy, Primi.... pastas we sampled: Tagliatelle al RaguLasagna alla Bolognese, Papardelle with porcini, sausage and shaved truffles, baked tortellini with porcini and tallegio. We moved on to the secondi...meat courses, Cotoletta alla Bolognese, Coniglio al Aceto balsamico, Scaloppina ai Fungi Porcini, Stracetti alla Rucola. My Mom loves pasta so much they made her a special one with asparagus and prosciutto.
We were so full, we thought we would skip dessert BUT, they tempted us with, Chocolate Mouse with orange zest, fresh Meringa covered with melted chocolate, Rice pie, so we succumbed. Then they went over the edge and brought a platter of fried pastry cream that made even our Bolognese born friend, Giovanni, shiver with delight.
We are too overwhelmed to write any more so here are some photos to give the idea of what the day was like:
Food shop
fecund Food Shop
More food Shop
Guess shop
My favorite peaches...flat
Yup, more food shop
A variety of cherries are in Season
Meat Shop
Bowl o' Mozzes
Well dressed Melon!
more Tomatoes

Cheeses, Tortellini and Bread, oh my!
Up Close and juicy!

Hands Off the Tamatas!
 More food porn tomorrow, for now "Baci" from Bologna!

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weekend et coup de brosse said...

Très joli post pour Bologne et c'est vrai Bologne 'la féconde'